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The GendV Project

Urban Transformation and Gendered Violence in India and South Africa
Women's Gurgaon

Women's Gurgaon: Meri Life Meri City

Urban change does not just mean a new, modern landscape of highways, buildings and malls. It also involves transformation in people’s aspirations, identities and experiences. Even as new opportunities arise, new pressures, dangers and anxieties also affect the lives of people. In our project we want to pay attention to how women experience these changes in all areas of public and private life.

Among the questions we ask are: How do education and new employment prospects change the roles of men and women? How does migration in search of a better life and affluence affect women? How do women form new communities in Gurgaon? How are family relationships and ‘values’ changing? What are women’s experiences of dating and socialising? What social expectations and pressures do women need to manage? In what ways can the city and sometimes even the home feel unsafe or violent? How do women cope?

The aim of Women's Gurgaon is to bring to light women’s experiences through academic writing and public media publications. We intend to make women’s views and experiences more widely known and understood in public debates, academic scholarship, policy circles as well as popular media.

We are a team of sociologists, anthropologists, historians and filmmakers spread across Cambridge, Oxford, London, Kolkata, Delhi and Gurgaon, working together to study women’s lives in Gurgaon.