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The GendV Project

Urban Transformation and Gendered Violence in India and South Africa

My Life, Our Stories Johannesburg is a creative platform for story sharing and community engagement. We invite you to explore the pages where we hope you will find things that interest you and make you think about the lives of the diverse inhabitants and the city of Joburg itself.


On this website, you will find two exciting online exhibitions by our Artist-In-Residence Philiswa Lila. Philiswa showcases an exhibition entitled 'Willing to Share', which is about the stories that we disclose and those we choose not to. A second exhibition entitled 'Pain is Love' explores complex ideas of pain, love, hurt and desire.


You can also 'Share Your Story' about living and being a woman in Johannesburg. We have teamed up with The Whistle, a digital platform developed specifically to collect and store data in a secure and ethical manner. You can share your story in whatever form you choose - a video, a voice-note, a photo.