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The GendV Project

Urban Transformation and Gendered Violence in India and South Africa

Two-Part Panel Event on Urban Transformation and Gendered Violence in India and South Africa

In October we hosted a two-part panel event, one for our India team and one for our South Africa team. We were joined by guests Henrike Donner, Madhu Mehra, Margaret Abraham and Lisa Vetten for their comments and insight. You can watch both panels below, or on our YouTube Channel here.

New Urbanism, Gender and Violence in Gurgaon: Reports from India's Millenium City

Film by Dr Rangan Chakravarty


1. Public insecurity and private gendered vioilence amidst urban techno-modern aspirational affluence in Gurgaon - Nandini Gooptu

2. Sounds and sights of violence: a note on methodology - Garima Jaju

3. Networked Gurgaon: women, city and social media - Pratichi Majumdar

4. New Modernity, Conflicted Identity: Navigating fear and securing freedom in Gurgaon’s gated communities - Taanya Kapoor

5. Domesticating the Street: Leisure, Gender, Class and Refashioned Spaces in Gurgaon - Sanjay Srivastava


1. Henrike Donner - Goldsmiths, University of London

2. Madhu Mehra - Partners for Law in Development


Field Reflections on Gendered Violence and Urban Transformations in South Africa


1. Does Class make a difference in Gendered Violence?: A Scoping Review of the Intersection of Class and Urban Transformation in South Africa - Dr Josephine Adeagbo

2. Intombi zinecebo: Economic action through dependency, instrumentality and vulnerability - Dr Sinethemba Sidloyi

3. Becoming Sandton Girls: Class, Consumption and Gendered Vulnerabilities in a Transforming South Africa - Dr Shannon Philip


1. Margaret Abraham

2. Lisa Vetten