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Urban Transformation and Gendered Violence in India and South Africa
Philiswa Lila

Philiswa Lila has been named as one of the Mail & Guardian's "Top 200 Young South Africans List 2022", for her work as a Visual Artist and Storyteller. The Mail & Guardian writes; 'Lila is a visual artist and storyteller. She is influenced by the nuances of memory, brought about by the sensory explorations of personal objects – how the touch of an intimate object can evoke a recollection of senses, imagination and emotion. Her work brings to life the specific narratives identified by the personal connections between the object and the person. Her artwork becomes a reflection of the emotional history between them. Lila works across multiple disciplines such oil and acrylic painting, installations and performance art, while using a variety of mediums in her work that include animal skin, beading, wood, paper, photography, video and poetry. Lila received her master’s degree in art history from Rhodes University and honours in curating at Michaelis School of Art, University of Cape Town. She is currently in residence at University of Johannesburg, in partnership with Cambridge University."

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Image by: Mail&Guardian